Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bali hai is calling...

I did get a phone call from MGH gathering info for an appt! I’m excited and nervous. I know it’s just a start but I’ve come a long way. The online tracheal stenosis group has been very encouraging. Stenosis seems to effect mostly women, often times spontaneously, developing over years! It’s usually misdiagnosed as asthma until CT scan proves the stenosis. Voice recovery takes a lot of time and the stenosis may come back. But many are also success stories and I have sought and knocked and doors have opened.

I had to order another adapter for my computer, which is why I haven’t been online in a while. For some reason the adaptor couldn’t stay juicing and the battery would run down quickly. I put in the new battery and exchanged the adapter but the problem persisted. So I ordered a generic adapter and it’s been behaving. For several months, my father was rubberbanding and finagling all sorts of positions to keep that light on, but it was a sad state of affairs. I’d get flashbacks of him rigging our 13 inch, black and white TV with metal hangers and aluminum foil. Bless his heart. Our relationship has been going surprisingly well. He has exuded much patience and preparedness. He always has floss, and eyeglass cleaner. He’s not afraid to do anything and has let me flourish in my wheelchair skills. It’s because of him I’ve been able to travel as I have.

Yesterday, I went out with my mom to see South Pacific! We took access-a-ride and I had a good spot where I could get out if I needed to. The stage had a simple set up of maybe 3 or 4 scene locations. It’s about the taboo topic of Americans coming face to face with their fear of mixing with other races, in this case, people of the south pacific. Set in the time of WW2, it was very controversial and it took a while to get to the heart of the matter. It had all the cheesy romantic element of the time, which is not my thing, but the singing and energy was phenomenal. I’m hoping to post the soundtrack soon for those who want to listen. Afterwards, we had steak and it was a great way to end the evening. I had a good shower and went right to bed.