Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sopa de gran pena

I had a busy day, starting with training which went well except for my accessaride transport. My CNA also somehow convinced me to over dress because it was "bitah cohl" and I took a coat that was hard to push the chair in. It may seem minor but those details really can screw with my day. By the time I got back, I was ready for a good dose of neurontin and percocet.

I got a nice visit from an old friend later and she got me buzzed up on coffee! It was great catching up and it's just begun!

Now the strange part of my day happened afterward when I ran into another resident from the floor. He is from El Salvador and doesn't speak much English so mostly we converse in spanish (mine is limited to present tense) He introduced me to a friend of his, a younger Mexican kid, named Angel, and they were obviously bored. He wanted to show me a band on youtube but beth abe has a block on youtube so I offered to have him use my laptop. Pedro shared a chef salad that Angel fed me but I felt uncomfortable with it. I told him to eat it. He asked me if I had a boyfriend and if I liked him. I told him no and no, I was not interested any relationship right now. He asked if I wanted to kiss and I said no. He asked, why not? It's nice, and proceeded to dedicate a cheesy bachata love song to me. Then I just had to say plainly that he just met me, he's been drinking, and already he wants to kiss me and God knows what else and that's not what I want in a person. "Just one kiss?" I had enough. "Get out of my room and go cry in Pedro's room." He really did look heart broken! But I didn't care. His eyes weren't right and this was by no means a relationship!

I thought that was the end of it. My CNA got me in bed and about an hour later Pedro and Angel came back, bearing yellow roses. "No quiero un novio!" I said again. "He knows, pedro says. This is for friendship!" I figured he felt bad and wanted to do right. "Please, put them in water." "The nurse may have a vase," I said. He left to get a vase and Angel came and said he would visit every day...? He sat on my bed and told me he loved me and kissed my hand! This was a nightmare! Luckily, the nurse then came and I told her I did not want him near me, that he was drunk and harassing me. She was livid and quickly called the supervisor. Angel understood when Pedro told him to leave. They are banning him from the premises. My father has yet to hear but when he does, he will be very upset and protective.

Luckily, I'm not a waif and got settled in to watch Grey's anatomy and Private practice. I've also been enjoying reading with my new Barnes and Noble nook eReader. I just need something to read in bed. When I get out of here, I can invest in the ipad, but for now, this beats holding books in bed and I'm out of space!

Vitaglide update
Got word that admin are having another meeting regarding the funding of the vitaglide on the 26th. I spoke to a gentleman from another facility with a vitaglide and he had a mediocre review of it but I value the accessibility of it for quads and it will generate attention for beth abe. I have more time to gather signatures for the petition.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Now we're moving!

I'm not sure if I mentioned, I made a proposal to NYCSCIA about funding the Vitaglide Pro for Beth Abraham. I started training at Asphalt Green, and I thought, man, there should be accessible equipment like the vitaglide at facilities like this. Then I thought, why not at Beth Abe? There are quads that really need it and do not have access to training like I have.

Even more, there are more and more younger people being funneled into Beth Abe long term and are cut off from therapy quickly. Our fees never change and we do not even get maintenance therapy. So the board thought favorably and chose a 50/50 funding strategy, where Beth abe pays for half (very fair!) I then met with head of PT and gave her the low down. Her main issue was money and if there was space. I made sure to add the dimensions to the proposal and said Beth Abe paying for at least half was very fair considering the money we bring in. Then she said something that really surprised me: "shouldn't this be in an independent gym?" "But most of the disabled are here" I answered. It just seemed like she wanted any way to wiggle out of the idea.

Look at this guy! that's what I'm talking about! I want to see the quads in here getting a good work out like every body else!

I put her in contact with George, president of the NYSCIA and she said thought the chapter would be paying! George put it on flip mode and said quite the contrary! So now, admin is meeting tomorrow to discuss funding for the vitaglide to give their decision. I drew up a petition but it's been hard chasing people down and explaining the vitaglide. I presented it at the SCI support group meeting but only 4 people showed. They were supposed to give me statements but who am I kidding! I want to shoot over a couple last points before hand and hopefully things will work in our favor...

Onward and upward comrades!