Friday, December 12, 2008

stem cell research advances

for anyone interested in the medical advances for neurological disorders, Dr. Wise Young is the man to listen to. He is a neuroscientist working out of Rutgers University and is at the forefront of expediting a cure for spinal cord injuries here and abroad. In the last several years, doctors have proven for sure that neurological pathways can regenerate. So where are the therapies? Many injured people have been selfishly demanding a cure like spoiled children throwing tantrums at dept. store. The two biggest hurdles are funding and organizing clinical trial studies. Although we are in an economic recession, investing in clinical trials would save money for insurance companies AND be profitable for pharmaceutical companies. The other day, he announced on ( that he would post his articles on wordpress for consolidation and it is a wealth of knowledge. You can see it on He breaks down the economic, political and scientific barriers to developing therapies. He mentioned that if a days worth spent on th Iraq war were spent on research, therapies would progress. If a million people spent aa dollar a day toward a cure that would definitely progress therapies. So I began--30 dollars a month to the V.M. Keck Center at Rutgers University where Dr. Young works. Living in a nursing home, I've come to understand how important these therapies for neurological disoeders are going to be for most of us one day. So many people, old and young suffer from stroke, often paralyzing one half of their bodies. Neurological degenerative diseases like alzheimers and parkinson's are more prevalent. If you've never been in a nursing home, I would strongly suggest you visit one and take a glimpse of your probable future. I certainly didn't think I would be spending my late twenty's in a nursing I'm investing in the cure now. Dollar a day, to where Dr. Young works. I'm hoping to enlist other SCI comrades...

On a lighter note, I just got the new love and rockets stories from my secret santa!!! Tomorrow, I'm spreading christmas cheer by sharing my favorite cheesecake--S&Scheesecake from THE BRRONX!!-- with the third floor. HAPPY HOLIDAYS Y'ALL