Monday, May 31, 2010

Get your salsa on!

Nicky's Favorite salsa mixes...

While searching for funky seventy compilations at my favorite Ithaca record shop, I spotted a CD with Latin Funk that I might like to add to my collection. It was Playtime Latin Soul Boogaloo. I was hooked. I was already starting to play bass and Ray Baretto's 'Tin tin deo' was right up my alley. My ears just perked and tuned into each instrument.

There's nothing like listening to salsa in the summertime. Growing up in New York City, men would bust out the congas when the sun was hot enough, and we'd gather and listen, while eating piraguas (snow cones). Their rhythms seeped into my skin so that even I am able to pick up a drum and beat out the african bu bu clap sound and everything else in between. Another one of my favorite tracks is 'amor y paz' by Ralphy Leavitt. Heartfelt lyrics and an on point band. Punto. What about 'Tin Marin?' It seems the older generation always knows about this song. This album is a rarity so download it or buy it if you can!!!

Track list:

1. Benitez - Latin Thing
2. Ralfi Pagan - Latin Soul
3. The Tnt Band - Meditation
4. Eddie Palmieri - Tema Del Apollo
5. Orchestra Harlow & Ismael - Grazin’ In The Grass
6. Joey Pastrani - Sincerely
7. Johnny Colon & Orchestra - Mira Ven Aca
8. Ray Baretto - El Bantu
9. The Innovator - Contract Back
10. Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz - Tin Marin
11. Raphael Cortuo - Sorongo
12. Ray Baretto - Tin Tin Deo
13. Johnny Pacheco - Raisins & Almonds
14. The Lebron Brothers & Orchestra - Dance, Dance, Dance
15. Frankie Dante & Orchestra Flamboyan - Dame Un Tipi
16. Joe Sataan - I’m Satisfied
17. Ralphy Leavitt - Amor Y Paz