Saturday, June 20, 2009

Time to exercise!

I've been busy with the podcast and other projects and haven't been able to blog. I've also realized that the podcast acts more as a information/support outlet for those newly injured and so I will try keep it as such although the music is fun!  I've been doing some interviews with people I know within the first few years of injury about their adjustment and transition into life and so far, it's been going well. Next week, I'll focus on curative therapies in the near future, how to stay informed and get involved. 

Today, I went to try handcycling with the Achilles track club in Central Park. They are a group of athletes that offer a supportive atmosphere for people of all abilities to exercise and race. They also bring a few handcycles for people to use so it is a great opportunity to delve into adaptive sports. They didn't have hand adaptations for me but they helped me on and I got the feel of it. It was very cool! It was faster than rolling in the chair and lower to the ground so I was a bit nervous but I had my buddy George by my side for support. Monday I'm going to call and ask if they have quad grips/modified chair. I'd really like to continue but I may have to put it on hold after my T-tube surgery.  It is more practical to get a table ergometer as I need the exercise indoors and out! 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Funky Soul mix

Here's a funk/soul mix I put together for your enjoyment. I've been diggin latin soul/boogaloo and funk from the late 60's/70's and excited to share it! I don't have my records, but bet yo ass I'll be recording and posting those as soon as I break out of this joint! If you want just the tracks to burn on CD, email me or leave a comment and I'll upload it via rapidshare for downloading. Enjoy! 1. It'ss a New day by the skull snaps 2. Liberation conversation by Marlena Shaw 3. Funky song by Ripple 4. Funky miracle by the meters 5. Hercules by Aaron Neville 6. Compared to what by Robberta Flack 7. Fever by Marie Queenie Lyons 8. Big T by Tito Ramos 9. New York Soul by Ray Barretto 10. I'll be a happy man by The Latin Blues band feat. Luis aviles Make sure to listen with some good speakers, some of these basslines are sick!

Here's the rapidshare link for download:

Password: withthesehands