Sunday, May 29, 2011

Post Op

I got back to Beth Abraham on thhursday, after 8 long days post-op Mitrofanoff procedure. I had an NG tube in for four days which was very difficult. It had to be reinserted 3-4 times because it was dislodged. Succtioning was very uncomfortable with the NG tube. I struggled to hold the tube in place, trying not to gag it out. I couldn't speak because they changed my trach to a shiley. Amazingly, it wasn't that hard for people to understand me. I annunciate well and most times, people were attentive.

I have mixed feelings about nursing care. I went to a "step-down" unit located in 8 Center Guggenheim Pavilion, where the staff seemed to complain about patients if they called too much. That included me, since I needed succtioning and turning. I made a complaint to the adminstrator. My father spoke with my neighbor and confirmed the complaints.

I was very weak after surgery and laying on a pegasus bed made me less mobile. Everrything was uncomfortable after a few days! I was also off from all of my meds, so I went through serious withdrawal. I hallucinated scenarios and at points was convinced that I needed to escape and my family was struggling to "free me." I disconnected my I.V. lines and refused to be scanned until I saw my parents. I had to seriously focus on the Lord then to get over my state of mind and discomfort. Needless to say, this is a very difficult surgery to get through!! By the last day, I couldn't wait to get out of there. I wanted my hair washed and to get in my chair. I tried yesterday, but it was too soon. Now I am practicing sitting up, eating better and stretching out my arms/hands. In two weeks, I'll go back to Dr. Vapnek to take out the stiches and utilize the stoma for the first time!

So far, everything is a success. My new T-tube, however, I'm not fond of. It seems smaller than before, and it is very difficult to get secretions up. So far, I cannot uncap myself, and succtioning is more of a serious matter. Please pray for conntinued healing in this area.

It is easier tto eat. I no longer have that volcanoe feeling in my bowels. This should get even better with time. I'm looking forward to gaining weight and exercising again. I depend heavily on God's grace every day; for comfort, peace, healing, strength. I'm not brave at all. I cling to God's word for hope that he will deliver and he has been faithful.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girding the Mind

Tomorrow I have surgery and I seem to be pretty calm about it. I've been on a liquid diet for two days and gearing up for my colonoscopy tomorrow. I have to drink up to a gallon of "GoLytly"-a liquid that flushes the system so they can look into my colon.

The reason why they're doing the colonoscopy is because my intestines have been severely irritated for over a month now and no one knows why. I haven't been able to eat normally or go normally. I had to change my bowel routine to exclude enemas and bowel irritants. It's very hard for someone who is paralyzed to "go" without some laxatives and digital stimulation! Needless to say, I've been struggling with with a lot physically. I have a lot of nerve pain, constipation, and irritable bowels. I hope they can continue the surgery as planned without any major complications. I'm relying on the Great Physician to get me through.

I've been listening to The Comforts: a CD for those who are hurting. The music is wonderful and soothing and the scripture from Joe focht is on point!

Thank you for your prayers and I'll see you soon.