Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boston news

Last tuesday, I went Mass General for a bronchoscopy to see what Dr. Mathisen could do about my tracheal stenosis. The plan is to regain more useable trachea before doing a resection. Next month, I'll get aT-tube in which is shorter than the trach I have now. Then a few months later, they'll do the resection, which is, cutting out the scar tissue from my trachea and sewing the good ends together. I'll then spend a week with my chin sewn to my chest while my trach heals! Pretty fuckin wild, they're gonna have to give me reeeaally good drugs to behave! It's funny, every time I go under, I try to remember going to sleep. Instead, I'm just waking up to them wheeling me into the PACU. This time, my mouth was swollen and sore from the scope they put down my throat. I can imagine them stretching my mouth to inhuman proportions, cracking jokes along the way. I don't care. I'm exactly where I need to be to get this thing out. Mass General is a huge hospital but very well organized. Unlike Mount Sinai, I didn't wait long for an X-ray and they never sent me anywhere without a nurse! My nurses were incredible and the trach care was on point. My dad was cool to arrage TV services for me. I watched "American Idol" for the fiirst time in ages. Did anyone dig that gothic/mideastern "Ring of fire" cover? That shit was wild!

I forgot to mention my birthday last month. I actually celebrated mine on fat tues. I went out for the first time to socialize at a bar/club with friends. It was also a fundraiser for the Nat. Spinal Cord Injury Assoc. So lots of chairs! I felt comfortable and got decked out. I actually wore make up! Bright red lipstick and stiletto mascara. I wore a white glittery mask and had a girly punk look, sporting red chucks and a leather bracelet. I had a red tank top giving nice cleavage and a sheer blouse over it with silver buttons that complimented my silver star earrings. I strapped on a decent buzz and had a good time. A few of my college friends were there so it was cool. We're all older and chiller now so no one was lining up shots. I should have taken pictures but I was having such a good time, I forgot. The only awkward thing was not being able to speak to people in a loud atmosphere. It felt good to dress up and feel like my old self again (somewhat). Happy 29th.