Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ringing in the New Year at Beth Abe 2011

I'm in the middle of doing a lot but so far it's been good and I give all glory to Jesus. I did some more resarching for grants, this time for Five for Food, an organization affilliated with Far Reaching Ministries but doesn't receive any significant funding from them. Our church supports a missionary out in Uganda, heavily affected by the civil war and the Lord's Resistance Army. One of the women there took it on herself to begin teaching the local children there who were orphans and cared for them. Many of these children have been maimed, paralyzed, blinded or deaf because of war casualties. During a women's fellowship, I spoke with the missionary's mother, Marilyn Fye and told her I could look for organizations that give rehabilitative equipment Internationally. I got a pretty good list researching at Foundation Center and even a call back when I left my contact info. The important stuff is having all the pertinent information the potential donor want from you. I have not been able to complete a grant application because of this so keep that in prayer!

Another thing heavily on my mind is my upcoming Mitroffanoff surgery. It is involved because I need bladder augmentation. Surgery is not fun, especially if it involves having to drinking go-lightly and get a tube down your nose. I sure hope they do that while I'm asleep!

I keep getting UTIs and it is not pleasant. I get a pain that spreads from where I sit up through my abdomen. Then I can't even be in the chair. I have to lay on my side and just rely on God's Word to comfort me. It gets hard to eat, sleep, so this surgery will help immensely. I just need to get through recovery.

This means school is pushed back until the fall. I also had much trouble getting my transcripts from Binghamton (even though I didn't finish that class). But I just have to trust the Lord and everything will be done in His timing.

The big question: Are there any resolutions? I really just want to be closer to the Lord. I so look forward to when He comes for the Church. But I'm also looking forward to making more music, more videos and fulfilling God's calling for me to show people that our life is short and the only thing that matters is the eternity of God and in His likeness, we also have an eternity (Psalm 90:1-4). What we do with our lives determines our eternal fate.

God Bless every one and have an awesome new year!