Monday, May 18, 2009

New Podcast!

So I've been itching to do a podcast since my rehab days at Mount Sinai. Now that I'm proficient with my quad hands and audacity, I finally got it together. It's a work in progress so bear with me as my editing skills develop. It's also not easy with the nuvois device as it makes that robotic buzzing noise. Still, at least I can speak audibly and am psyched to get this thing going. In about a month, I'll go to Boston for another surgery toward getting the trach out but until then, I want to have some fun and enjoy the good weather.

The target audience is for the newly injured, those in rehab, transitioning out and their loved ones. It's to address issues with navigating the health care system, and to mobilize this group for a cure. It's also to inform the general public through reaching loved ones of spinal cord injury. There are many of my loved ones who are still in the dark about what my injury is and what it means. It's not something to feel sorry for but to be enlightened by, to examine oneself.

Finally, it's also to just have fun! (agosar!) To hear real people who despite all of what this injury entails find friendship and can have a flippin' good time! So there will be some music and smack talk in the mix as well.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cirque du soleil

Yes, I had the privilege of seeing cirque du soleil thanks to the Urban outings program funded by the NYC chapter of NSCIA. Luckily, it was a gorgeous day since we had to wait outside the tents for a while. Now I've been to the circus once as a young child but did not know what to expect as an adult. For those who are thinking about seeing this show, it will certainly spark your inner child and you will be wowed all over again!

We had special seating in the front, the staff was very accomodating. One usher brought my popcorn and hotdog and when I moved to find the restroom, someone immediately came to lead me out. There was a wheelchair accessible restroom right outside the tent and someone waited for me to lead me back in. Doing trach care at the sink was difficult but it didn't matter since everything went so smoothly.

The whole production was on point. The one thing I noticed was that I kept trying to see how they organized the show and I just couldn't keep up with them! They had a huge scaffold up at the top of the tent above the stage and more and more contraptions kept coming from it for the next act. The format was classic circus: started out with clowns interacting with the crowd before lights went out. Then, an innocent central character seems to stumble upon a twisted jack-in-the-box, unleashing a phantasmic yet terrifying world. Where a dozen wonderfully costumed dancers entered the stage was also a carousel of sorts with other characters: a live band and vocalists! The sound production was was so impressive and there were acts where it seemed to become an all out rock concert. I don't want to say anymore except that if you have an opportunity to see KOOZA, it's well worth traveling to see and still great for kids!

Show continues in NY until June 7th! Here's a link to their site.